What to do when the dogs insist on getting you up earlier than you’d like…

For some reason, the last few days the dogs have been waking me around 6.45am. Maybe it’s because it’s a little lighter in the mornings now, but I’ve taken to coming down­stairs to make coffee and then deciding that this little bit of time, like very late at night, is some­thing I can steal to make some­thing for myself. I’ve been sat there until 1am the last couple of nights making a sewing machine cover for my Elna.

Batik and wool cover for Elna

Batik and wool cover for Elna

More stash raiding, so it’s cost me nothing but I’ve had a lot of fun machine quilting the front panel, doodling around and putting it together. No time pressure, but some­thing useful to keep the dust out of my machine when not in use and dec­or­at­ive at the same time.
Now I need to do one for the Bernina. I was thinking about these two mater­i­als as it’d look lighter (too much black won’t work in a small room). Pictures are just snaps from the phone – I’ll try and capture better ones when I’ve com­pleted the second cover (don’t hold your breath!).
Machine cover 2?

Machine cover 2?


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