Textiles” is a util­it­arian term, but it will have to suffice until we find a better encom­passing word for this source of colour and inspir­a­tion in our business. This part of the website is intended to give you the flavour of what we do, rather than be a detailed cata­logue of what’s for sale at Windrush, but it is work in progress, so please bear with us, and keep checking back as it will be devel­op­ing over the course of 2014. (Crosses fingers.)

At present there are four main strands.

  • Windrush Originals are a range of one-off garments and accessor­ies made by Sandy.
  • Vintage and pre-owned garments and linens are rel­at­ively self-explan­at­ory and will include curtains and cushion covers.
  • Wools include both handspun and/or hand dyed wools and tops.
  • Miscellaneous includes everything from vintage glove stretch­ers to buttons, fabric, accessor­ies or equip­ment. All sorts of fun stuff can turn up here as a result of my magpie eye.

Click on the pictures below to pick the strand you want to follow…

2014 col­lec­tion

Watch this space for details of 2014’s col­lec­tion – at present intended to launch around Easter 2014…