There are numerous websites through which you can buy second­hand books: mar­ket­places that gather together dealers include,, and

However, nothing quite matches the exper­i­ence of browsing in a real bookshop.  You can locate second­hand book­shops around the UK through, an invalu­able site that also allows you to rate book­shops and provides dates and loc­a­tions of book­fairs and auctions, making it essen­tial reading for a bib­li­o­phile.

Part of the pleasure of reading can be dis­cuss­ing books with other readers, and allows just this with forums, blogs, lists and a cata­loguing tool to enable you to keep track of your col­lec­tion if it’s expand­ing beyond your memory.

We are pas­sion­ate about books to the extent that any trip is a busman’s holiday, and we can’t walk past any bookshop, new, charity or second­hand.  We’ll be putting together a list of our favour­ites on the blog, but hope you will also tell us about yours.  Bookshops are a “use it or lose it” resource so please support your local inde­pend­ent book­seller wherever it is.

Some other BOOK-RELATED links
  • Online cata­logue searches of the National Library of Scotland, the British Library and the US Library of Congress.
  • Am Baile is a bi-lingual website of Highland history and culture. It includes rare books, doc­u­ments and pho­to­graphs from archives, lib­rar­ies, museums and private col­lec­tions as well as con­tem­por­ary art, oral his­tor­ies, films, inter­act­ive games and comics.
  • Glasgow is home to one of our favour­ite book­shops Voltaire & Rousseau, in Otago Lane just off the Great Western Road near the Kelvin Bridge.  Piled high with tee­ter­ing stacks of stock – when you move a box, there may well be a cat in it.  Getting out without spending three figure sums is my stated ambition.…
And some SKYE-RELATED links
  • The Café Arriba in Portree is def­in­itely one of our favour­ite places to eat on Skye: Jenny and her team make you feel very welcome, there’s a real buzz and they offer a fabulous range of lunches, coffee and cakes –
  • Check out the won­der­ful Maggie Zerafa at the Bay Pottery in Armadale: we genu­inely have dif­fi­culty not trying to buy the whole shop –
  • We also love the raku ceramic work of Patricia Shone, another Sleat resident artist: we have several of her pieces and they just grow on you more and more.
  • Duncan Currie – Pay a visit to his gallery at the end of the Old Pier in Broadford for water­col­our land­scapes, cats and some serious left wing polit­ical chat!
  • We recog­nised the Fairy Pools in a picture in the window of a Glasgow gallery and were imme­di­ately entranced by it: it was by Beth Robertson Fiddes –
  • We have to mention our friends Helen and Neil Urquhart at Cioch Outdoor Clothing. We’ve been buying made-to-measure hill­walk­ing clothing made by them for nearly 20 years and it’s indes­truct­ible, bril­liant at doing its job, very well made and excel­lent value. And made right here in Struan in their workshop in the basement of their shop just across the road from us!

Other links

  • My favour­ite sewing machine shop is Bamber Sewing Machine Centre in Eccles, Manchester. They are Bernina spe­cial­ists but have dozens of dif­fer­ent machines for you to try out at any time, helpful staff who try and analyse what you really need and don’t try and sell you this week’s model, some excel­lent recon­di­tioned machines and best of all, they really know their subject. My Bernina and Elna both came from here.

Favourite blogs

    These are some other blogs which we like and which may interest you.
  • A pair of French book­sellers on holiday on Skye. Their visit to us is towards the end of this long page, amidst some excel­lent pho­to­graphs of the island.