We like coffee, and will often have twenty or more dif­fer­ent roasts on offer, each ground to order. Many of these will either be Fairtrade or will have been sourced as single origin or small co-oper­at­ive coffees. Nobody wants to be preached to, so we’re not going to go banging on about Fairtrade, ethical sourcing, organic food or buying local. We will just do the best we can. For example, you shouldn’t need to ask whether our eggs are free range – we haven’t bought a battery egg in over 20 years. Christmas morning coffeeWe always try to have an Ethiopian coffee in stock. In some versions of its origins, Ethiopia is the home of coffee, and as we have Ethopian family members, it seems a natural choice. We like Yirgacheffe’s delicacy, some of the Sidamo coffees are deli­cious and from time to time we manage to lay hands on rich and vibrant Harar. Beyond this, what’s on offer will depend on what our sup­pli­ers have managed to source. One of the delights of single origin or small co-oper­at­ive coffees is that there is only a limited supply, so when it’s exhausted, some­thing else has to take its place. Sometimes we do have bags of beans for sale, so if you have enjoyed a par­tic­u­lar coffee, it’s worth asking – and we may be able to grind the beans for you if you don’t have access to a grinder. We use cafeti­eres to make our coffee, as we think it’s gentler. It may make service a little slower than if we were using an expresso machine, but good things are worth taking time and care over.

Our sup­pli­ers

Skye is lucky enough to have its own coffee roaster, the redoubt­able Craig Steele of the Isle of Skye Coffee Roastery (find him on Facebook or Twitter @skyecoffee). Craig has just opened a café in Broadford. Jamie and Fiona from Glen Lyon Coffee walked into Windrush by chance, and their enthu­si­asm for coffee quickly lead to a con­ver­sa­tion and an order for some beans. Their coffees have become firm favour­ites with both us and our cus­tom­ers. Carefully chosen and sourced beans, beau­ti­fully balanced roasts. Jamie Grant is also a skilled pho­to­grapher and his first book “Winter in Glen Lyon” was pub­lished in September 2013. (ISBN 978 0955435850) Glenfinlas Coffee have been sup­ply­ing Windrush since we started. Rob will always come up with some­thing new for us to exper­i­ment with, and our standard Colombian medium roast is sourced through them from Alpen Sierra in the States. The decaf Colombian is the best decaf we’ve managed to find so far. Coffee Plant in London probably don’t know that they have been sup­ply­ing us with a number of organic and fair-trade coffees since we opened, but that’s because they are provided to us through the auspices of Martin Bird in Glen Eynort, a great sup­porter of the Fair Trade movement. We often have Martin’s map of the Fair Trade cafes on Skye avail­able. Their Cuban is con­sist­ently excel­lent, as is the Sumatra Mandheling. And the lovely cups in the photo of our 2013 Christmas morning coffee are made by Maggie Zerafa at the Bay Pottery (details on our links page).

2014 Coffees

We thought we would keep a running list of the coffees we have stocked this year, so here’s the first install­ment as I’m updating the list for some Sumatran Mandheling that arrived today.

Standard coffees

Medium roast Colombian Alpen Sierra                           Med smooth

Decaf Colombian Alpen Sierra


Ethiopia Sidamo Glen Lyon roasted                                   Bright citrus

Ethiopia Sidamo Guji Ardi Alpen Sierra roasted             Deeper citrus

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Glen Lyon                                           Bright floral

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Coffeeplant                                          Rounded citrus

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Kochere Premier Cru – Alpen Sierra           Yum!

Ethiopia Harare                                                                       Very strong, earthy

Tanzanian Moshi Peaberry Fairtrade                                  Sweet

Rwanda Coffeeplant                                                                Strong, rich

Malawi Coffeeplant                                                                 Smooth rich rounded

Kenya Gituto AA Glen Lyon                                                  Plum, toffee

Kenya Gaturi Peaberry Glen Lyon                                       Blackcurranty

  Far East

Sumatra Mandheling organic fairtrade  Coffeeplant        Rich dark

Sumatra Mandheling  Alpen Sierra        Rich balanced

Sumatra Wahana Glen Lyon                                                Intense, spicy

Papua New Guinea organic fair-trade  Coffeeplant          Always reliable rich coffee

  Caribbean & South America

Colombia Finca Las Mercedes Glen Lyon                           Bright sweet medium

Colombia Finca El Recuerdo Glen Lyon                              Apricot, dark chocol­ate

El Salvador Finca el Fany Glen Lyon                                   Chocolatey

Costa Rica Zamorana Glen Lyon                                          Caramel sweet­ness

Guatemala Finca Santa Clara Glen Lyon                             Sweet medium

Guatemala Quiche Chujalense organic Alpen Sierra        Rounded

Guatemala fair-trade organic Coffeeplant                          Dark fragrant

Honduras Finca La Montana Glen Lyon                              Sweet, citrus

Peru Pantorillo organic Alpen Sierra                                    Slightly smoky rich

Peru Tunki organic fair-trade Coffeeplant                          Almost nutty

Brazil Alta Mogiana Yellow Bourbon Alpen Sierra            Vibrant

Mexico Oaxaca La Lagunilla organic Alpen Sierra            Strong, lively

Mexican organic fair-trade Coffeeplant                               Arrrriiiibbbaaa!

Bolivia Organic Finca Juana Mamani Glen Lyon               Velvety delight

Cuban organic Coffeeplant                                                     Our most popular dark roast