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Are you sitting comfortably?

Yesterday’s pratfall getting out of the shower involved my coccyx hitting the edge of a tiled step very hard. It could have been a lot worse had my head come into contact with it, but as it is, my pelvis and lower back are feeling the effects and it means that I’m sitting down rather […]

Independence Day?

There’s been a dose of parental joking around No.2 son’s gradu­ation taking place on July 4th – along the lines of inde­pend­ence for us from main­tain­ing him, but it did have me thinking about the root of “gradu­ation” i.e. “gradus”, the Latin for step. In between sorting out the white tie and wing collar, enjoying […]


I’ve been faced with the terror of the virtual blank page for months now: wanting to get started but feeling that there’s no point in writing a blog if you feel you’ve nothing to say that’s worth saying. So for the more spur of the moment comment, check out @WindrushCafe on Twitter or our Facebook […]