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Black Dog Days

There are times when once again the black dog (Churchill’s bril­liant name for his depres­sion) comes nipping at my heels.  I can ration­al­ise it as it’s around this time of year that my brother took his own life, 21 years ago.  So feeling aimless and unable to settle to anything is not unex­pec­ted.  I’m not alone […]

Writing and why what you use makes a difference…

It seems a little odd starting to write a post about the pleas­ures of hand­writ­ing by sitting down to a keyboard, but then, as we all know, a good keyboard makes all the dif­fer­ence.  I like the keyboard on my old Dell Vostro, but I quite simply love the keyboard on my MacBook. It makes […]

Getting a grip…

This post is ded­ic­ated to E., who was com­ment­ing on Facebook about how cluttered and untidy her home is, and how she doesn’t know where to start getting it back into order. I can only sym­path­ise. Those who know me well know that sleek min­im­al­ism is not my thing. I’ve got more inter­est­ing things than […]

Arts and Crafts?

I was listen­ing to Grayson Perry’s bril­liant Reith lectures earlier this week and in one he made a comment along the lines that his ceramics did not get accepted as art but were dis­missed as “just craft” until he won the Turner Prize. It sparked some­thing in my head thinking about the word “craft” and […]

Ditch the sat-nav: use a map!

One of the things I’ve dis­covered is that having a café means you become an informal tourist inform­a­tion centre. We now keep the North and South Skye OS maps on the fridge beneath the counter and they come out at least once a day to help people (often not cus­tom­ers) find their way. Most of […]