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Two things have brought this to mind. Last Monday was the late September lamb sale in Portree and the road around the mart was crowded with pickups and trailers and huge cattle trucks as some 3,500 lambs were being sold. Somewhere in there was a Jacobs tup I bred. He has been working on a […]

Midges and ghosts…

Oh dear it’s midgey this evening. When we first came up here on holiday in August each year, we heard about the midges but could not under­stand why they were given such prom­in­ence. All that changed on a warm still evening as I was leading a friend off Blaven. We got into the sheltered glen […]

Summer’s here!

It’s Saturday evening and it’s been a baking hot day of cloud­less blue. Looking out of the café window, I’m envious of the yachts I can see moored over at Portnalong. The water is as blue as the Aegean and who could want to be anywhere else? Earlier in the week we had an unchar­ac­ter­istic […]