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Not just Skye and Gaelic

Thought I would share with you a quick photo of some books on the dialects of Shetland and Orkney that have just come into stock. I suppose that with my interest in Old Norse, it was inev­it­able that I would want these in stock. One of my abiding memories from first year Old Norse classes with […]

Busy in the real world…

Apologies that it’s been a bit quiet here but we’ve been somewhat pre­oc­cu­pied with non-virtual activ­it­ies includ­ing (but not limited to) painting the outside of the café, repaint­ing the loos, tearing up the hall carpet and painting the floor, adding a sparkly light fitting to the hall, spring cleaning the kitchen and repaint­ing the store […]

Books do furnish a mind

There’s a char­ac­ter in Anthony Powell’s Dance to the Music of Time series whose nickname is Books Do Furnish a Room (shortened to Books Do or Books), a result of him using the phrase so fre­quently that his real name (Bagshaw) is con­signed to near oblivion. One of the more sens­it­ive and inter­est­ing aspects of […]

Khams or Eastern Tibet by John Howard Jeffrey

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction: emptying the pine bookcase holding my textiles books to enable me to paint my new studio has resulted in a dozen boxes in the hall and kitchen, and a lengthy debate on whether they should go back in there or be relo­cated. This morning we think we […]

Midges and ghosts…

Oh dear it’s midgey this evening. When we first came up here on holiday in August each year, we heard about the midges but could not under­stand why they were given such prom­in­ence. All that changed on a warm still evening as I was leading a friend off Blaven. We got into the sheltered glen […]

Festival approaching.…

I’m in Edinburgh taking the chance to do some restock­ing of books and textiles before coming home. Many of the students have already left town and there’s just a little lull before the cultural storm that is the Edinburgh Festival breaks over the city, but the early signs are already here. In the vintage clothing […]