About us

Steve Booth and Sandy Leahy have been selling second­hand books together since 2001, ini­tially in London and on the net, and on Skye since moving here in 2003.

Our stock is chosen with the aim of provid­ing inter­est­ing books for readers who like to explore the world of ideas, ima­gin­a­tion and inform­a­tion that books offer. As keen readers ourselves, books are not just a com­mod­ity. We also have a liking for the unusual and the down­right quirky, so you never know what you will find on the shelves. As we suffer from com­puls­ive book-buying disorder, new stock is always arriving.

It was cus­tom­ers in our shop in Broadford saying that they would like a cup of coffee whilst browsing the shelves, that lead us to take on the lease of a vacant res­taur­ant in Struan in 2011. The trans­form­a­tion into a bookshop/café has been a steep learning curve but also enormous fun. We enjoy coffee, so now we gen­er­ally have more than a dozen dif­fer­ent roasts on offer, together with home baking and light lunches. 

Introducing vintage textiles along­side the large range of books on costume, fashion and textiles seemed a natural exten­sion and from there, Sandy has gone on to launch a small range of her one-off indi­vidual garments, sewn in linen, silk and wool (Windrush Studio Originals) as well as selling handspun wool from our flock of Jacobs sheep. The space also allows us to showcase the work of other textile makers from the island.