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What to do when the dogs insist on getting you up earlier than you’d like…

For some reason, the last few days the dogs have been waking me around 6.45am. Maybe it’s because it’s a little lighter in the mornings now, but I’ve taken to coming down­stairs to make coffee and then deciding that this little bit of time, like very late at night, is some­thing I can steal to […]

Do try this at home (Part 2 – re-covering drop in chair seat)

Even the less obser­v­ant visitor will have noticed that there’s not much new fur­niture in the café – even many of our Billy book­cases are second­hand. It’s a com­bin­a­tion of not having much cash and pref­er­ence, so when I was offered four oak dining chairs dating from around the 1930s for £25 last summer, I […]

Tools for the job

I’m feeling rather smug at both having finally got round to doing some­thing I’ve been meaning to do for months AND having saved myself about £25 in the process. I’ve made myself a tailor’s ham and a sleeve roll.  Don’t look too closely at the rather rough and ready stitch­ing.  The ham is three layers of […]

Head scratching design process

I thought I’d walk you through the sort of process that I go through in design­ing one of my pieces. How long a garment takes me can be very variable, but essen­tially it all starts with the fabric. I take a length of fabric and try to think what it would suit becoming. That will […]