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Don’t throw that away!

One of the things left in the café when we took it over was a small pile of white cotton table­cloths, somewhat worn but in reas­on­able order. Too good to throw away so they went into the bottom of the big Art Nouveau wardrobe “pending”. Last year the only damask one yielded the white cotton […]

Black Dog Days

There are times when once again the black dog (Churchill’s bril­liant name for his depres­sion) comes nipping at my heels.  I can ration­al­ise it as it’s around this time of year that my brother took his own life, 21 years ago.  So feeling aimless and unable to settle to anything is not unex­pec­ted.  I’m not alone […]

Do try this at home – doubled up shirt concept.

I hate having my picture taken but today had to set up the tripod and camera and do my first selfie to show off my latest concept.  Sitting on a shelf in my studio was an old blue linen shirt.  I bought it years ago in TK Maxx and lit­er­ally wore it until there were […]

Writing and why what you use makes a difference…

It seems a little odd starting to write a post about the pleas­ures of hand­writ­ing by sitting down to a keyboard, but then, as we all know, a good keyboard makes all the dif­fer­ence.  I like the keyboard on my old Dell Vostro, but I quite simply love the keyboard on my MacBook. It makes […]